Saturday, June 24, 2006

And so it seems that the 24-hour McDonald's near my place has introduced FREE wireless internet.... so the weird "Sky Net Global" connection I couldn't connect to one year ago works now, they were probably running tests on it in the past.

So, with available XL iced-lemon tea, toilets, power points and now the internet... McDonald's is EVIL. I can't stay away even if I want to.

Abir has a gallery to himself at Enter World Press Photo. I love his work. And i'm dying to go back.

I had read a few issues of the New Internationalist magasine when I was there... seemed like good stuff. Not too sure if its available here. But they've archived most of their articles online. The most recent one about Singapore was printed in 2001 about globalisationn.

" The moral of this tale is rather simple. If the richest, most highly educated, nationalist country in the developing world will willingly sacrifice its cultural identity, the last, best bastion of its individuality, to globalization – we can be sure the pandemic has already happened. "