Monday, July 31, 2006


Pernicious Pet

Cat asked me today why I still insisted on locking her up at home. Surely her evilness would have proved itself worthy of a release by now, she said.

Ah, I replied, but it is precisely your perniciousness that has created an obsession within me, and alas, you will never be free.

She sulked all day, constantly mumbling under her breath something about me already having taken her ovaries.

I wanted to correct her, and tell her if I had known the process would've involved the complete dispossession of said internal organs - I would never have put her through it. My naivety had assumed it simply meant some snipping or tying up of tubes.

But she just sat there staring at me, and I thought maybe the old saying about ignorance and bliss would work in my favour in this case.

Besides, I really don't know how she would react to that piece of information, and there's only so much I can do to guard myself against her.

Quizzical Queen

I really like how her looks are so deceiving. Little paws, neatly folded under her fuzzy, furry chest. Quite dainty, really. Yeah, ninjas are pretty dainty too.