Sunday, July 30, 2006


Of A Feather

Gloomy skies.

No thanks to a MSN conversation a couple of days earlier, I've been constantly feeling jealous when I remember that whilst I'm running in the rain frantically trying to organise a shoot - Lars is somewhere in the mountains breathing fresh air and feeling alive.

Of course, I can feel alive right here too but the grass is always greener on the Norwegian mountainside.

DSC_0155 copy

Am off Mon-Wed. Will be trying my best to leave country. See You All.


Lars K said...

Yeah. To bust the analogy. The other side of the fence begins a thousand meters above sea level. Only to rain on us for the duration of our 14 hour trek/climb. So welcome, but there is no grass. Today I managed a personal best so far, in the decreasing size of nobs needed to cling to a rockface. (Trying to make an article about why o'why we are doing this)