Sunday, July 30, 2006


Ok stitching photos together - not really my thing.

National Stadium

Our very last National Day Parade at the National Stadium which will be torn down at the end of the year. Ironically, also my first "official" NDP. I've attended a few before, but I don't recall when or what happened - so it doesn't really count.

The Stadium's got some real character. Rotting wooden benches, melting track, Peeling paint and utterly dirty insides. There's no doubt that its old and worn, and yet I remember it always having been this way.

At some point during the parade, they will show a short video commemorating the place. Some sorta nostalgic, thank-you-for-the-memories piece.

Its all very morbid to me, something along the lines of holding the funeral for a dying man and saying his eulogy in front of him - before he actually dies.

"We know you're gonna go soon, and we just want to tell you you've been great!"

I try to ignore that clip - it really pisses me off.

I'm a real sucker for the whole NDP package. The crowd, the songs, the flags... Its really something to step out onto the tracks and see the entire stadium filled. I sing along to the stupid propaganda songs - and I like it.

I've liked it so far, 3 Previews and counting, maybe because the official guests aren't here. Now its just us having a bit of fun by ourselves. Private party. The head honchos only show for the real thing, and in a weird way I kinda wish they wouldn't come. Then it becomes their party - if you know what I mean.


Ah when I put up this picture, I know this is the part where I'm getting emotionally carried away. Because when I see kids, I think about what kind of Singapore they will live in when they grow up, and what parts of Singapore they will lose to get there.

Probably doesn't help that I'm listening to Home - by far the best theme song (as many others have said). Never knew all the songs and videos were available at Sing Singapore.

So I watched a couple, and I found it interesting that the video for Home has Kit Chan sitting in a room watching old movies. Its very nostalgic, most of the clips are of her as a kid running about Singapore.

And when you contrast that to the more recent stuff - which are by far much more "modern" because it includes a lot of stuff about technology, economy - the whole thing about moving ahead - it makes sense why I like that song the best.

If they ever ask me, I'll tell them that having nice nostalgic clips in National Day videos is NOT a good propaganda strategy.

You can't remind people of the good old days when you keep destroying stuff from those good old days. It just pisses people off.

I could never be a politician. I wouldn't know how to move ahead for the good of a country. I'd selfishly keep everything the way it was. In fact, regression may not be such a terrible thing. Then my kampong of a country will die off from the international economic scene and we will all have chickens and ducks with no fear of bird flu since we no longer engage in international trade.

Ah. That would be home, surely.


Ghim Lay said...

ah, my ex-church people made kit chan's home video actually