Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The I’d Rather Be This Than That Meme

Also known as the Most Inane Meme ever started by an Asshat.

How do you even pronounce "asshat" and "meme"?

I actually love playing this "would you rather this or that" game so everything here is something that have been discussed and debated at length with like-minded inane people.

  1. I'd rather be a Vampire from Anne Rice's novels than the Highlander (eternal-living fictional characters)

  2. I'd rather be caught enthusiastically dancing to Mambo than puking outside Zouk (alcohol-related embarassing moments).

  3. I'd rather be Elaine from Seinfeld than Cristina from Grey's Anatomy (on screen bitches)

  4. I'd rather have a unicorn tattooed on my forehead than a Smurf (tattoo dares)

  5. I'd rather play the piano than the guitar (musical preferences)

And because I have no one to tag (other than the first one), since most those who read this either don't have blogs or hide behind invisible anonymous masks of cowardice:

  1. Ghim

  2. Lee Kuan Yew

  3. J. B. Jeyaretnam

  4. Chee Soon Juan

  5. Low Thia Kiang

Well, they do have websites.


arie bedouin said...

hello! i read too, haha. serene from cs here...

Ghim Lay said...

aiyah how to do this? make up my own categories is it?