Friday, July 07, 2006

No love lost

I have not had a single thing to eat all day. And as a result = I am drunk. Two beers un-did me.

Strangely enough, I haven't felt hungry at all - a first since I have been finding it hard to rein in the glutton monster in me these past few days.

But still! It is good. And fun. Like-minded people very hard to come by these days.


Mark let it slip (accidentally, I think) what the other esteemed people in my previous institution had to say about me. Or rather, the questions that they asked him about me. What happened to the promising Dean List-er?? What a shame.

In my intoxicated state (which I am still in, unfortunately) all I wanted to say is Fuck Them.

Seriously, them and all their impossible standards and ridiculous definitions of success.

"Is this too self-reflective?" Mark asked.

It isn't, because I already know the answer to the questions.

I do not, for a moment, regret any of the mistakes I have made and the bad choices I have chosen. I am glad that As and Bs no longer meant anything to me as the years went by, and the attainment of education took priority over the comprehension of useless information. I am proud that I now only give respect to those who have earned it, and that age, titles and paper qualifications do not mean anything anymore. I am glad that I have failed, because the taste of it is an experience which will teach me a lesson for the rest of my life. Its like a slap in the face - you gotta feel it to understand it.

And that said - boy, am I glad to be out of that place.


JC said...

Kudos, Jess! I feel every shred of your sentiments.