Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I was going to write about how I enjoyed the movie Re-cycle until I found out that Ekin Cheng was listed on the credits and I do NOT remember seeing him in the movie and it has been impossible to find out exactly who this Ekin person is and... now i'm just frustrated and grouchy.

So fine, yes I liked the movie. But for confusing me, I ain't pitching anymore.

I wish they had done away with the reality part, and just went straight into the main story. Then they could've extended the land of the abandoned theme.



A couple of years back, I walked down this road in Sengkang (when the estate was still spanking new) on the way to give tuition. It was a long, straight road, flanked on both sides by nearly identical HDB blocks.

I suppose there was a slope, because I couldn't really see where the road ended, it just seemed to stretch on and on.

And there and then, I had an image flash before me, as if someone had cast a veil over my eyes and added on in an instant what time would add in years and years.

I suppose the best description of what I saw would be post-apocalyptic. A slight greenish tinge over the sky and everything else. The road strewn with vines and grass that had creeped out of once well-manicured mini gardens. Creepers and various plants snaking out over balconies and windows, down the side of the flats, almost, but not completely, covering up the cracks and peeling paint in the walls.

It was vivid then, but I suppose the details have faded over the years. I still strongly believe that one day the place will really look exactly like how I had seen it then.

Baaaaaah. I'm so grouchy from the fruitless online search I'm going to go sleep.