Saturday, July 08, 2006

So Say We All : I Am Singaporean

Mr Brown, you have started something very beautiful.

I suppose I will write my own soon enough, but I am satisfied listening to what other Singaporeans have to say.

Strangely enough, I had just returned home from shooting NDP rehearsal at the Stadium. I never want to apply for tickets or turn up for the event. Even when I watch it on TV its just background noise. But to be on the field surrounded by thousands... oh that's something different.

I have compiled a list of sentences from every single IAMSINGAPOREAN blogpost/podcast (so far). Click on the sentence to read the full post.

I am Singaporean

"Just like how spaghetti is always spaghetti and not italian noodles,
bak chor mee will always be bak chor mee and not minced meat noodles."

"I walk the streets of Ann Siang, Chinatown, Little India and touch the dirty walls with paint peeling off revealing the wonderful and rich history of my island,
something no museum or textbook can do."

"I take the public transport.But due to rising cab fares, my 18mth old daughter have to be cruelly woken up at 7am so we can bring her by 3 trips of bus to the nanny."

"I have a Prime Minister AND a President...and a Senior Minister and a Minister Mentor.
I speak Engrand and JAVA, not English, and I pronounce it "flo-wer", not "flour"."

"i flew to Australia to further my studies, using dad’s HDB retrenchment package.
i realised my hokkien swearing skills are useless here.
And that “Kang Kong” and “Hang Hr” does not exist here.
Neither can i order “Or Lua” without the “Or” here."

"E-mails seemed to be like the cars on the CTE, always flooded.
Cabs to work will have to pass through 2 gantries."

"I like playing football, but my Mom told me, there's no future in playing football in Singapore."

"I love my flag, although I seldom see it around.
I am a Chinese, but my best friend is a Malay, and I think Indian girls are cute."

"My current wife is my fifteen year old Toyota Corrolla whom I named Peggy.
I hope to find my true love and closed my SDU account which I got when I graduate."

"I've recently returned to Singapore after living in London for 2 years.
I believe that imperialism and racism is well and truly alive, and that "the West" has absolutely no idea what a formidable force Singaporeans can be."

"I think I have freedom of speech as long as no one can hear me."

"I am Singaporean. I don't want to be one anymore.
I live in Singapore. I don't want to be in anymore.
I know the government term us as "quitters" but I do not care."

"It is with pride that I carry my Singapore passport when I travel around the world. I am always proud and eager to tell my foreign friends that I am Singaporean."

"I know the names of all the players in my favourite EPL team
but I have no idea who is in our National Soccer team."

"I pay property tax every year. I pay TV licence every year. I pay to ride the MRT every day."

"I was not born here but I hate COE like you do,
I only have 4 wheels from two of my bicycles.
I was not born here but I cycle to East Coast to enjoy the Sun, Sand Sea ...
altho i Know the beachs are fake..."

"I learnt how hard Indian and Bangladesh foreign workers work
when I was in reservist digging shellcrapes and command posts.
I now respect physical labour."

"I get angry when I see Sarong Party Girls and their angmoh boyfriends,
but I'm learning french and spanish so that I can bio ang moh char boh."

"I like my teh tarik with foam, but I also like my Saint-Emilion Merlot.
I like my prata telur bawang, but I also like my tenderloin steak medium-done."

"i am gay. i take drugs.
lots of drugs - paracetamol, claritin, dhasedyl and amoxyilin. is glucosamine a drug?
i have less sex than the average singaporean - less than 73 times a year.
wish i could do better though. not good to pull down the national average.
wait, is gay sex included in the national average?"

"I met my boyfriend 4 years back and I still love him very much.
I am considered a pervert, pedophile and etc. just because I am attracted to men."

One of those which really struck a chord:

"I am pro-life, but I was taught how to kill when I was 18.
When I was born, my mom was scolded by the nurse because she didn't stop at 2. "

Also in Mandarin by Cloudywind

And in Cantonese (and one of my favourites) is Stan And Ryan's.

[ decided not to translate because it doesn't quite do the original justice ]

And of course, the ones who started it all:

"I love the national flag, but I don't always put it up when I'm asked to."

"I can speak good English but nabeh I curse more effectively with dialect."

"I am mrs brown. My name is Ginny, and I am a Singaporean."

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angkuguay said...

Thanks for the link here. Kinda nice of you to come up with the idea of picking one sentence from every iamsingaporean you've read... any intention of updating it?

Jon said...

Thanks for the link.

Great job linking everyone's post here