Sunday, July 16, 2006

There's been a dearth of pics from me lately - I don't know why. But here's some anyway.

Singapore Idol

Yet another one from the will-never-see-the-light-of-print collection.


Collecting cans at Shenton Way.


Obese poochie. Been seeing a lot of those recently, for some strange reason.

I Hate My Neighbours

And why I feel like screaming at my neighbours. I probably would - if I knew which one was responsible for this. Land of 4 million smiles my ass - not if you're our rubbish cleaner. Whatever. Angst angst. So pissed. ARGH.


Spain is coming along. Barcelona, to be exact. It is all very tentative and strange and not set in concrete terms which frustrates me because I want to yell out in joy and run around and start getting ready asap - but I have to control myself in the event of eventual disappointment.

If I do get this, if it checks out to be legit, if I can gather the guts to say Yes with finality - it will be so soon that I will be knocked emotionally senseless by the whirlwind of saying goodbyes. So in two weeks I'll either be here, or not.

I looked at Low Thia Kiang and all the other WP people today at the event and for the first time I really asked myself - am I a quitter? What did these people have to sacrifice for what they believed in? Ah it doesn't matter, I'd go anyway.

[UPDATE: You know the part above where I said "if it checks out to be legit"? Yeah well. It didn't. Seeya guys around.]


Dot said...

What is the Spain deal? PRAY TELL!