Monday, July 24, 2006


I will wear a fugly gown and hat on Thursday. As if the dressing was not already terrible enough, they also made a list of things you cannot wear to appear normal :

Because, ya know, this is a traditional and prestigious and once-in-a-lifetime ceremony and god forbid you actually be comfortable during those couple of hours.

Its going to be so much fun, I can hardly wait.


The Effect :


And its Cause:



Apparently my blog is listed by the Institute of Policy Studies as a journalist's blog. I've done a brief search online which yielded nothing. So maybe its a secret list. Or I heard wrongly.

Either way, its totally awesome! This month, I wrote intelligent and insightful reports on ninjas, movies and my ex-boyfriend. Such perfect academic material! Lucky bastards you!


lancerlord said...

Ha! Taking the perfect shot of babies can a long process sometimes. :)

Terz said...

Then don't go lah! We boycotted our convocation as well because they wanted us to wear all white.

Not as if they won't send the scroll to you right?

Or would they... ?

panaphobic said...

lancerlord - ya long but very funny also.

terz - i think getting the scroll sent to you will be an administrative nightmare. Plus the folks want to see where their $20k went to.