Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Word of the Day : Plebeian

Witness! The Stare.

Her Evilness

Everytime I tell people that my cat is evil, they think that I'm trying to be cute. Well, I'm not. She really is, and I know you don't know her, but she hates you already. I'll prove it if you have time to drop by her lair.

I think she channels all the Dark Sides of Me.

I don't know what I channel from him.

Lao Pei

Penchant for random and un-funny remarks perhaps?

We picked up the fugly gown and hat today from Serangoon Broadway.

"Wah lau you open up one next door lah! Serangoon Sideway! Undercut their price!"

6,500 students will be graduating. Assuming 500 don't go/don't want to go/not able to go, that damn place makes a grand total of $210,000 from selling fugly gowns and hats.

Not to mention all the suckers they will convince to fork out a couple of hundred for photos with fake books and bookshelves and globes.

As dad said, "Wah lau, so big picture for what. Later argue already then still have to see each other's faces in the hall sure damn pek chek."

True that.


I read Pres Su's Convocation Speech online, cos, ya know, he might have a gem or two to guide a young soul like me. Check out this sentence:

"We emphasize a broad based education and a multi-cultural character consonant with the cultural mosaic of Singapore and the rise of Asia."

Alliteration is all the rage these days. Its amazing! I can't even read it out loud.

I think I could rap it though.


In case you are wondering why I'm in a good mood - SPH upped my pay. Kao-bei-ing pays off.


beeker said...

if you were given 10 cents for everytime you kao bei-ed, you could BUY sph.

panaphobic said...

Sigh. If only you were right then!

Dot said...

Okay, so I must be damn rusty, but what the hell is kao bei mean? I need some Singaporean interaction!!!!

panaphobic said...

Ah to me its an eclectic mix of bitching/whining/complaining.