Saturday, August 12, 2006

Double faced

Cat couldn't understand why everything she does is cute.

"Surely, I have to have some level of unpleasantness!" (She had just come out from a bout of sulking.)

"Give me a dirty look then," I challenged.

She stuck out her tongue, which made me giggle so badly I had to turn my back around to avoid hurting her feelings.

"You're all fools," she muttered, and turned and left.


It made me think though, about what kind of thoughts cats might be hiding under a veneer of chronic cuteness.

For instance, this one could be thinking "FEED ME. BITCH.", and not "Oh you darling please drop me another bite I am sooo hungry and I luv you I luv you please feed me please I will meow for food!".

Will Meow For Food

Went back to the kopitiam near my primary school for lunch today. The bak chor mee was not as great as I remembered it to be.

I used to buy iced water from the drinks stall because I was too stingy to spent 80 cents on a can drink.

Yes, I said 'buy'. The lady charged me 30 cents for ice and tap water.


For the Record:

Mr Masagos Zulkifli uttered these words of wisdom regarding pre-marital sex in front of teenagers at a youth forum today:

"Just like how you don't want your girl to be a second-hand girl, you shouldn't make a girl a second-hand girl to someone else".

[The second half of the sentence is not verbatim, because there were a couple of uhmms and ahhh - but I remain true to the meaning and context]

I felt like such a slut for a spilt second when he said that. He went on to mention something about not wanting a "second-hand wife" as well.

There's a discussion to be had regarding political correctness and the absurdities of life - but not when I have The Office Special waiting to be watched.

Priorities, people. Priorities.