Friday, August 04, 2006

Void Deck

I. Need. A. Massage.

Not "want", but "NEED".

This is what I've discovered I can fit into three off days :

- Two seasons of The Office
- Two seasons of Seinfeld
- One entire day lying on the fake sand by the fake beach on the real island called Sentosa
- Hours of lying on my stomach and staring at Cat
- One night of drunken debauchery
- Half of a very funny book

You must understand, that I started out with a much more dignified and respectable To-Do list. But after the first day I just surrendered to the Nothingness and let it consume my life.

So tomorrow, on my fourth off day in six days (kill me already) I will :

- Drop off film
- Bath Cat
- Recce farfarfaraway place for shoot

I think I once mentioned that my notebook is filled with unchecked lists - and this image of empty boxes keep coming back to me. It's tragic but there's something hilarious funny about it.


mangomaiden said...

U need thai massage? I give good good service! hahaah