Friday, September 29, 2006

Good Week Part One


It's been a good, sombre and perspective-realigning week or so.

Monday started out like it always starts out after you work on a Sunday - grumpy.

I wandered around Chinatown before finally stumbling into the Buddhist clinic, trying my best to keep my head down to avoid unnecessary eye contact (and thus conversation) with these volunteers who had so much goodwill and charitable intent radiating from their pores I could literally feel it.

Ok, I lie. At that point I was an evil being with a core of ice and there was no way any positivity could have made it through me.

I find it faintly ironic that it was not a bunch of happy sunshine volunteers who eventually turned my Monday around, but a grumpy old man with arthritis (see above).

Said man did a stint as a karang guni for a bit, which explains the.. treasure trove his house had become :


That's half. I did not and could noat enter the kitchen side. Its organised chaos at its best. It looks terrible, but the dude made it work. He's not some crazy hoarder.

But a grump he is. There were no Thank Yous, no helpless silent pleading done with the eyes, no apologies for making 20 people turn up to help him clear out his stuff. I really quite liked him. (He's a virgo, I checked) As far as he was concerned, he was doing us a favour by letting us intrude upon his space.

And I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I don't understand why people talk to the elderly like they are retarded. Its bound to make me grumpy if I were old but otherwise perfectly fine and you talk to me like I'm stupid. Maybe its because they are trying to be extra nice.

There are more stories I want to tell. An air steward who can no longer feed himself, a place full of dying people and an Uncle who pleaded with me in Teochew to "Please, remember to talk more dialect.

Tomorrow, tomorrow. Tired now, but feeling more alive than I've had in weeks.