Monday, September 18, 2006

The Last Thing I Saw

The Last Thing You'll See

Ok, not the last thing. But in a perfect world where the size of one's claws mattered it would be. Cat gets defensive propotionally to altitude. Its puzzling.

Nothing's much been happening. Am not involved with the whole IMF ruckus, and based on what I hear its as if a whole new country has sprung up in the Suntec area, what with the gates and barricades and detours and happy shiny people.

And oh!!!


I met the Fourth Taxidriver to give me blank stares in response to the direction "Esplanade, please" only to "AHhhh" "Ohhhhh" in that "Why didn't you just say so earlier" tone when I sigh in resignation and say in mandarin "The Two Big Durains".

Kid you not, I don't!

And oh, I took more pointless voiddeck photos.

Toys For Them


Gates of Safety

This last one made me laugh like crazy. Well ok, laugh inwardly so as to not really appear too crazy. Its like the toll booth on the yellow brick road. Or something. Someone REALLY doesn't want too fat people to get to their estate. (Its really really narrow. I had to put my bag behind me to sidle through.)

I met Grumpy Cleaner Lady today. Hadn't seen her around at work lately, I figured she got transferred to another floor. Turns out that she got fired. She says that someone had called the security office and complained. She doesn't know (or doesn't want to say) why, but she's pretty Grumpy about it.

I would never ever want to be the cause of someone losing his or her job. That ranks right up there on the List of Unnecessary Evils alongside 1. Telling Boyfriend that Ex was Better in Bed and 2. Telling Smiling Bride her Wedding Gown Makes Her Look Fat.

Why would you do it? Other than the obvious reasons like stealing, assault and battary, murder and casting of hexes - why would you want to make someone lose his or her job?

I can never understand the vast numbers of people who write letters, make phonecalls, send emails to the Forum just to make a point that they are NOT HAPPY with somebody's inadequete service.

Sure, it makes great fodder for dinner gossip/ranting. But to actually take the proactive step to deprive that person of a living?

I don't get it.

Grumpy Cleaner Lady is still cleaning, but now at a Toa Payoh noodle shop. As she scrapped the scraps (haha) into the bin she muttered in Mandarin, "Got time come back and visit, ah."