Wednesday, September 13, 2006


This is post-tequila ranting.

Despite my efforts to remain a non-groupie, I find myself continuing to gravitate towards locations populated by familiar people and sights.

I'm not too sure why this is the case, I am but surely a subscriber to the whole "variety is the spice etc" routine. However, I've reasoned it to be - I want to be happy when I chill out, and not have to make any sort of efforts at making new friends and acquaintances. The whole "hi how are you what's your name what do you do ah i see" routine is much too tiring after working hours.

So Fendi (as seen above) has found himself a loyal stalker. Aside from the good money he pays me to take pictures, I completely recommend him if you are looking for a soul/jazz/funk fusion. Think classic fusion of Michael Jackson/EarthWindFire/Stevie Wonder/J. Timberlake/George Benson/Maxwell/Billy Mann.

So this is what I am used to. This is what my mind instantly reacts to, instantly relaxes to.

It feels like a much "older" lifestyle than what I should be indulging in. Of course, I don't feel too young, but this is the apparent consensus amongst the known masses.

But seriously dudes, I am tired of reacting to reactions to my age. If 22 frightens you, I'll say 27, although I don't see the difference. I am tired of hearing the You're So Young I'm So Old speech. I am tired of eye-rolling and the This-Is-Before-Your-Time-How-Come-You-Know-This-Song questions. If I don't ask why you listen to J. Timberlake, don't ask why I know EWF.

Before my time, before my time. What time is that exactly?

So I trudged down to a younger place today. Britpop instead of Americansoulfunk. Undergrads instead of working adults. Graffiti instead of Decor on walls.

What difference did it make? None whatsoever.


zyn said...

the only fendi i know is a bag brand.

but in case i ever want ewf, where does this guy perform?

panaphobic said...

Ahh... that'd be Monday/Thurs at Mezebar in Mandarin Hotel. Wed/Sun morning at One Rochester. Friday/Sat at Flo at One Fullerton.