Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dear Cat,

We haven't had much time to speak these days, what with my absence from the house for most of the day, and the fact that I've had to lock you out of my room means no more before-sleep chitchat either.

And for that, I am truely sorry. But hey you know how things work, and if I weren't the same person you would not be here with me right now. Whether or not you want to be, is an issue to be debated over another day.

So things are not quite the same here anymore, and they probably never will be. But sometimes I catch a look from you, and sometimes we still sit together quietly (not too close, I know) and it all feels like before.

You would probably chid me for writing this instead of telling you in person. You know how they say that parents shouldn't take favourites, how teachers should always play fair. Well, I'm neither and I play favourites and I am unfair - and you will always be my number one. Numero uno, and all that.

Love, Jess


To the new cat:

You are a suicidal nutcase. Let me lay out the facts for you.

You : Claws trimmed, 0.5 kg
Cat : Claws not trimmed, 3 kg
Odds : Against You

Chinese got a saying, "Mm zhai see".


Oh, and to anyone's who's interested, George Benson comes to town on December 6th. Whoopwhoop!