Monday, October 16, 2006

Fuck the haze


It literally and figuratively makes me sick. Although I do have to concede that sitting in an open field in Sengkang waiting for a photo op has been quite the enjoyable part of the week.

I have not taken an LRT ride in Sengkang, and it startled me a bit to see how ulu-ated some places were. Is nice. Will go more now.

But really, my nose is all blocked up and I've a scratchy throat that won't go away. Screw you winds!!


And really, men.

Men. All the same. ALL THE SAME. I am exhausted.

"Do you know how old am I?"


"Well, how old are you?"


"Ok, you take those numbers and invert it, and I'll still be younger."

"You're younger than 24?"


- pause -

"Is that a problem?"

And actually, no it isn't. But hey, its a problem if you want it to be a problem, and right now I think it is.

The formula is simple enough. Endless compliments, generous praise - most of them lies, of course - and the system should work its magic. Except of course, if you're not looking for that sorta 'fun'. Don't get me wrong, I am not unappreciative, it helps to keep things nice and happy and we all like to be lied to once in a while to keep egos afloat... but still I've yet to understand why its only the non-locals that do this, and if I've to meet another angmoh who think he's God's gift to local women...

It could've been the location. As one woman from Serbia told me, looking slightly relieved after she realised I was not one of those local girls, it used to be different. But now its "50% whores and 50% normal people". And really, I figured that out during my first minute at the bar waiting for my drink. And it is quite silly of me to expect anything resembling a normal conversation from a place like that.

Tired tired tired.

I remember Eddie once said Emilia and I were both "high-maintenance". And as we both defensively clamoured to correct his delusional judgment he explained himself and we found ourselves sadly agreeing to his definition of the term.

Aiyah, stranger things have happened.


mangomaiden said...

But really Jess, is that a problem? kekekeke