Monday, October 30, 2006


Another MRT suicide today, at Clementi MRT. I didn't really have to go down, since we're really trying not to play up any suicide stories and by the time I was heading out the trains had started to run again so there probably wasn't much left to shoot.

But no way in hell I was passing up the opportunity, not after what feels like a million posed/people/food or generally non-adrenaline-inducing shoots.

Accident scenes usually unfold in the same way. There's a body. The police covers up the body. Sometimes the grieving family will come. The police hearse arrives, usually after a while, to remove the body. The end.

Today was slightly different. For starters, no one knew for sure what was going on. Everyone looked confused. There was just so much uncertainty. Where is the body? Has it left? Is it still here? Where!??

And then, for the first time ever, I had the media liason person flat out lie to me. And every single member of the media present. Because, ya know, its their job not to tell the facts.

"The body is not here already! Left already!" *beams*

Malcolm said that it was possible she didn't know. I think its more possible that she's an idiot.

I tell the same kind of lie sometimes. Usually it involves a little kid who wants to have a bit of the snack I'm having. I'd hold the bag behind my bag, wave my other arm around emptily, and tell them Look! No more! Finish already! Generally it works, because the kid probably thinks - hell, why would she lie to me?

And so SMRT PR Lady and I do have something in common, since we practice the same tricks. However while I understand that these lies only work on children, she obviously thinks that it works on everybody.

It was just such an unnecessary, juvenile lie.

Eventually the reporters left, and the remaining photogs headed to the back exit. As we neared the doors, the police hearse pulled up, and I really wished the SMRT PR Lady was next to me. So is this the body you said was not here!!!!!?? Have you heard of the phrase "NO COMMENT"!??

Anyway I was right, they're not using the pic. Not that I mind anyhow. Obviously there were concerns raised about whether this was a copycat after the last MRT suicide case raised half a million bucks in donations. I wonder how TNP is going to cover this one.

But it was a good day. Its really not good that its because of someone's death, but I know what I mean even if you don't.


pH said...

TNP def wont do a "Man FOUND under train " story like Today... wonder wats the man doing down there?? playing hide and seek waiting to be found??