Monday, October 09, 2006

Love Subtracted

While I was not expecting mutual love to fly between the two, I predicted that I would find it hard to figure out how the new cat would fit into my house and my heart. But it certainly did not occur to me that an additional thing to love would make Cat love me less.

Its a fallacy of course, to think that Cat even loved me at all. So I suppose I could say she tolerates me less.

And now faced with the decision of throwing the new cat back onto the streets, or bringing it into my room - thus ending what has been more than a year of sleeping next to Cat and having her bushy tail hit my face (Cat will not enter rooms where the new cat has been) ...

There are of course logical reasons as to why its the above-mentioned either-this-or-that, and at 11-fucking-am in the morning I am already in tears, and I need a drink.


swee said...

Oh dear, what a tangle. Don't u need to keep the new cat in a separate room for at least a week?