Monday, October 02, 2006

Random Monday Snippets

And so Darren's wife sent me an SMS today. A strange and bizarre series of messages ensued which are too strange and bizarre to replicate here.

Dear, dear Anne. As you read this blog, I am compelled to blurt out a question I could not bring my fingers to type earlier. I'm sure you're really nice and good person, but still... What were you thinking?

It is, of course, a rhetorical question. No answer required!

(really really)


I have recently started to obsess over Cat's size. She appears miniature, compared to the fat lot lounging about in friends' houses and voiddecks.

I blame myself. A kitten cannot grow on a diet of curry chicken. I have stunted her!


A taxi driver tried his best to convince me that I looked Japanese. I think its the Cantopop hair. Sadly, I found myself preferring this to the other occassions when they'd ask me in Mandarin, "So! Which part of China are you from?"


Really Anne, What were you thinking?