Sunday, October 01, 2006


Play Aya! Play!

I really should continue with the Good Week Part 2, now that the week is over and that title will no longer make sense in a couple of days.

But what to do, no mood leh.

Today was not a good shooting day. Loads of nonsense I wish I didn't have to show.

So! On to mood-elevating things - like this dress Aya wore at her concert which made me mutter under my breath, "I want".

Its actually red, but the orangey lights deceived all of us. It set her back $300 bucks, which I fully appreciate - not because I think money has anything to do with how good clothes are (a bit, maybe) but because I just appreciate performers/entertainers/musicians who realise that their job is to entertain.

A lot of local singers or musicians (in my very humble opinion) are too immersed in their own musical world and trying to show how talented they are - all the while forgetting that the very reason for their existence is to entertain us. That's the point of music isn't it? And acting, and everything else in that industry. I suppose its something you learn along the way.

And there's just something inspirational about watching her play, something about how free her music sounds (I don't know what genre it is) and how free she must feel to appear in an afro-isque-explosion hair with Dorothy shoes and socks.

I'm now on the hunt for green pants.