Tuesday, November 21, 2006

In transit


You won't be hearing from me for awhile. You know the whole thing about 'sink or swim'? Yeah, this is the sinking during swimming phase. I didn't expect getting back into the world of words to be this difficult, but it sure as fuck is.

It takes me so long just to digest an article, and while I've read more papers and scanned more headlines than ever before, nothing seems to be getting into my head.

Today at work, a 20-year-old colleague expressed shock that I was born in '83. I never know whether or not its a compliment when people think you're older than you really are.

But I suppose things can only get better. I've established that I really enjoy being in office alone at night, and when they finally install the electronic card system I'll be able to do that more. There's something very therapeutic about playing music without worrying about it disturbing someone else. Its just you, an empty house and some stranger's beautiful voice.

Last Job

And so ST ended. Just like that. Without a day or two to rest between jobs, I haven't really had the breathing space.

The photo at the top is my favourite from office. One of the lifts had some tech problem, the door open/close buttons wouldn't work. Many a times you see people standing in that lift like a moron, waiting patiently for the damn door to close by itself.

So they posted a sign before the repairman came along and spoilt all the fun.

Please take a look at the photo and read the extra helpful comments. It makes me laugh every single morning.

My last job was nothing spectacular. Product shot at a hotel lobby. Hotel manager gave me a free peach/sake mix in a smoking lobby - and I had some precious minutes to just sit and subsequently realise that this would be my last assignment for a long time.

People ask if I'm sad, and I don't really know how to reply. I can't blame them since they don't know me that well and its a fairly routine question. I suppose the only way to answer is with my own rhetorical question - How could I not be? It was like breaking up with someone that I loved. I bitched and moaned and whined and griped, but it still doesn't change the fact that it was, and still is, a huge part of my life.

Ah Jess, you're a sentimental fool.


dio said...

You might come back some day.