Saturday, November 11, 2006

Moving In, Moving Out

I suppose at some point or other I have to talk about the events of the past week, and perhaps its only apt that I do it now.

So now I have a desk and a computer, Prince is wailing over the speakers, the key to the office sits next to me. I will be running out later to grab some coffee and smokes, and right now its just me and my music occupying this very beautiful three-storey shophouse.

I feel like I've been holding my breath for the whole of the past week, and I'm just waiting to exhale.

The line would be nicer if there weren't a Whitney Houston movie with the same title. Fuck.

But yes, I start my new job in a week or so. I've yet to wrap things up at the other end, and I think next week will be crazier than the last.

I was going to write about what its all about, and why I'm leaving, and why this what-the-fuck move seems perfectly logical in my mind - but I've been doing that for the last five days and I really can't do it anymore.


zyn said...

hey you never said you were leaving and not coming back! i'd better see you at the smoking staircase at least one more time so i can get all the details!