Thursday, November 30, 2006

"Panel to probe why many youths taking the wrong path"

I giggled on the train quite badly when I read that in the papers.

But hey it was a successfully written headline because I read the whole damn article to look for more funny lines.

Can I please ramble now? Thank you.

What on earth do they mean by "Why"? Do we really need an Inter-Ministry Committee on Youth Crime? How about Inter-Ministry Committee on Bad/No Parenting? What about adults that are taking the wrong path? How can we abandon them?? We must figure out why they're taking wrong paths too! Shouldn't the headline read why MORE youths are taking the wrong path??

I shall now offer my suggestions as to why "many youths" are shunning the right and heading south.

1. Bad/Absent Parenting
2. Exposed to too many Gangster flicks as an infant
3. Better pay
4. Taking over family business
5. Not enough chicks on the right side
6. Hair just looks better messy
7. Bullied by class nerds when in primary school and determined to never be smart
8. Was a Saint in past life and is making up for it