Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sometime back in September 2004 there was a crossing of paths when two men met in a dark room. Both are undeniably major influences in my life.

This little bit of info has got to be the most scintillating piece of trivia I've stumbled across in recent times. Most trivia I bother to read or collect are about people/places/things that I care about. Except for Paris Hilton, who I do not particularly care about, but the amount of trivia concerning her enters my mind via internetomosis.

But anyway.

Who on earth would have ever guessed, that at a taping of The Charlie Rose Show, Jon Stewart sat waiting backstage as Lee Hsien Loong spoke on camera.

I've no concrete proof that they actually met, but I am willing to bet there was at least a brief brushing of shoulders as Jon went on stage.

I stumbled on this while watching this hour-long interview with Jon on C-Span:

Approximately 13 minutes into the interview, he mentions the Minister of Singapore. Of course he does this with his usual flippant wave of the hand and a rather dismissive tone, but I don't really care.

My obsession with Jon grows. Its getting ridiculous. I already have fifty bucks set aside for his book as my birthday present to myself.

Haven't had a chance to talk about Bangkok. So much has happened since I came back, it seems like months ago that I went. But well, it was great.I wouldn't mind living there. You know what they say - same same, but different.

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