Monday, December 25, 2006


So I didn't get a chance to do the birthday blog. Whisked away to Muar to do some work for Mercy Relief. Is nice that Guiqing and Liwei's here as well.

So apologies to the few unanswered Merry Xmas smses.

Its not really that bad here. The hotel we're staying at is as posh as we could possibly get I suppose. Yesterday, I caught a couple minutes of Star Wars on cable. The breakfast buffet has excellent nasi lemak.

Its nice to see at least I still have my priorities in order.

But seriously, the flood areas we've visited are seriously submerged, as in knee-deep, waist-high, roof-reaching.

And in a very selfish and indulgent way, I'm happy to be back to Aceh-ish times in cargos and tshirts and messed up hair and my aviators, hauling stuff around like a coolie. A nice change from the month-long Emerald Hill get up.

Seeya'll soon.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mmm Mmm


Just three things before the day unfolds:

1. The weather is fucking wonderful this morning.

Terz's camera is a god-send (in more ways than one), and now I want my own 5D.

3. The weather this morning is reallyreally wonderful.

Tralalala people!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Deep breath

So I've filed most of what I need to file for the inaugaral issue, and this weekend was series of deep, long breaths (and long long naps) as I get ready for the second.

After being out of the writing game for so long, it feels a bit nice to know that after three weeks, I can tell you what's a Reit, on top of naming the top richest men in Singapore, as well as tell you how many casinos there are in Macau and how much they are expected to earn by 2010, and oh yeah I also found out where Ivan Heng was educated and what the difference is between private, fund and wealth management is, and what are some ways hedge funds make money, and also that the PR lady working for A*STA**R has a melon for a brain, and how much CDL has in its land bank.

Its been a slow, ardous and very very painful couple of weeks. My ego has been bruised and beaten, incompetence-level raised to high alert, and I've fallen off the no-beer wagon.

On the plus side, I think I'm truely comfortable with the phrase "I don't need them/him/her to like me", and I discovered that professionalism at the workplace is truely underrated, and I am at heart still more conservative than I had expected. Also, I've reconfirmed my personal belief that 1. Respect is not guaranteed with Age/Experience 2. Respect has to be earned.

This is generally not good, because as my father would have me believe, I am an utter failure at hiding disdain.

Small kitty sits next to the laptop, eyeing me. She does that a lot. Sit prim and proper with paws in front, staring and staring and staring. She can do it for a long long stretch of time. Its almost as if she feels out of place. The girl they invited to the party because she just happened to be there when the invitations were being given out.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Who knew

I checked out the meaning of the word 'Jacuzzi' online:

1. a brand name for a device for a whirlpool bath and related products.
2. n : a large whirlpool bathtub with underwater jets that massage the body
3. a killing machine that snags victims with powerful evil suction


Monday, December 04, 2006

Full Glory


Yes, you.

You with your fancy shirt and shiny shoes. I don't understand you. Your lifestyle, your mannerisms, your behaviour, and most of all - the arrogance that literally pours from your veins.

When I watch you, I feel like I am watching an exotic primate on display at the zoo. I know its a monkey, but my God, its like nothing I've ever seen.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Kopitiam : Monologue

Eh wah lau what you want to eat. The menu damn hard to read leh. I want the fruity drink. Huh but so many flavous ah. Mix them? Quite weird one leh. Nevermind lah.

Eh how ah, miss my rabbit leh. No lah how can, he pay the rabbit one leh. I take care and he pay. I think hor he very long never wash the cage liao leh. I tell him, if you don't want the rabbit to die right, you better wash lor.

Cos I am from express stream mah. And I die die don't want to do N level. I smart one what I can take O level one. But I stop school in Sec 3. Six years liao leh, you think you can just like that take O level meh cannot lah I tell you. I also don't want so long never study then like that go and take. How can?

You know ah, when we break up I take so long to get over him you know. Then ah when the hurt not so bad liao right, wah lau he come back then wah lau how can you like that, its like damn difficult you know.

You really don't want to try ah

No lah, I want to study lah. I want to get my O level. 18 years old liao I still don't have my O level, really fuck leh.