Sunday, December 10, 2006

Deep breath

So I've filed most of what I need to file for the inaugaral issue, and this weekend was series of deep, long breaths (and long long naps) as I get ready for the second.

After being out of the writing game for so long, it feels a bit nice to know that after three weeks, I can tell you what's a Reit, on top of naming the top richest men in Singapore, as well as tell you how many casinos there are in Macau and how much they are expected to earn by 2010, and oh yeah I also found out where Ivan Heng was educated and what the difference is between private, fund and wealth management is, and what are some ways hedge funds make money, and also that the PR lady working for A*STA**R has a melon for a brain, and how much CDL has in its land bank.

Its been a slow, ardous and very very painful couple of weeks. My ego has been bruised and beaten, incompetence-level raised to high alert, and I've fallen off the no-beer wagon.

On the plus side, I think I'm truely comfortable with the phrase "I don't need them/him/her to like me", and I discovered that professionalism at the workplace is truely underrated, and I am at heart still more conservative than I had expected. Also, I've reconfirmed my personal belief that 1. Respect is not guaranteed with Age/Experience 2. Respect has to be earned.

This is generally not good, because as my father would have me believe, I am an utter failure at hiding disdain.

Small kitty sits next to the laptop, eyeing me. She does that a lot. Sit prim and proper with paws in front, staring and staring and staring. She can do it for a long long stretch of time. Its almost as if she feels out of place. The girl they invited to the party because she just happened to be there when the invitations were being given out.