Monday, December 25, 2006


So I didn't get a chance to do the birthday blog. Whisked away to Muar to do some work for Mercy Relief. Is nice that Guiqing and Liwei's here as well.

So apologies to the few unanswered Merry Xmas smses.

Its not really that bad here. The hotel we're staying at is as posh as we could possibly get I suppose. Yesterday, I caught a couple minutes of Star Wars on cable. The breakfast buffet has excellent nasi lemak.

Its nice to see at least I still have my priorities in order.

But seriously, the flood areas we've visited are seriously submerged, as in knee-deep, waist-high, roof-reaching.

And in a very selfish and indulgent way, I'm happy to be back to Aceh-ish times in cargos and tshirts and messed up hair and my aviators, hauling stuff around like a coolie. A nice change from the month-long Emerald Hill get up.

Seeya'll soon.