Sunday, December 03, 2006

Kopitiam : Monologue

Eh wah lau what you want to eat. The menu damn hard to read leh. I want the fruity drink. Huh but so many flavous ah. Mix them? Quite weird one leh. Nevermind lah.

Eh how ah, miss my rabbit leh. No lah how can, he pay the rabbit one leh. I take care and he pay. I think hor he very long never wash the cage liao leh. I tell him, if you don't want the rabbit to die right, you better wash lor.

Cos I am from express stream mah. And I die die don't want to do N level. I smart one what I can take O level one. But I stop school in Sec 3. Six years liao leh, you think you can just like that take O level meh cannot lah I tell you. I also don't want so long never study then like that go and take. How can?

You know ah, when we break up I take so long to get over him you know. Then ah when the hurt not so bad liao right, wah lau he come back then wah lau how can you like that, its like damn difficult you know.

You really don't want to try ah

No lah, I want to study lah. I want to get my O level. 18 years old liao I still don't have my O level, really fuck leh.