Friday, March 09, 2007

Sick and Happy

Its funny how a day of sickness can turn out to be one of the better days I've had in a while.

A trip to the polyclinic in the early afternoon to get an MC, and oh yes medicine too of course, for a mere flu. I wouldn't go unless I had to, and I wouldn't have missed work but between the phlegm and the mucus and the easily irritable eyes and all... I figured I wouldn't have been of much help. Plus I would've been feeling very sorry myself and would just end up feeling guilty for feeling that way so really, there's no point.

And plus I had things to do. I've been experiencing an about-face of sorts regarding my sentiments about my room. It used to be a dread to be at home which was why I came home late most nights.

I'm not too sure what sparked it off. It could've been the CNY mini-clean up or that night I spent talking with ex-colleagues on a beautiful balcony and yearning for a similarly beautiful place to call my own.

So yes, I decided to take a stake in my room. A trip to Ikea to stock up on much-needed candles and other varied accessories, extra wardrobe space, organising more than 200 CDs, stacking up my books exactly where they should be - not hidden but right in front of me on the shelves.

More has to be done. Tried to do some painting today but it turns out I bought the wrong kind of paint. The room colour has to go, and there's about 10 years worth of academic nostalgia that needs to be cleared out.

The point is, I don't like going out much anymore. With a cleared out desk and my speakers and an actual coaster for drinks and a desk pad - I want to stay in. Stay in with the cats and listen to 鄧麗君 over and over again.

Plus I can't afford partying for at least a couple of months. Not after splurging on a dress and shoes for the launch party. Not after that trip to Ikea. Not after the trip to the vet today.

I wasn't the only one who was sick today. After tending to my own illness, Cat made a long overdue visit to the vet.

I've been to two vets so far and decided to check out a third one. The previous two were fuckwits as far as I'm concerned.

Dr Chua at Serangoon Garden's Pet Resource proved to be not bad. And pricey. I walked out of that place nearly 200 bucks poorer.

Cat has fur mites. And intestinal problems. And I think she's stressed out. But I suppose we'll just take it one step at a time. Because of her long fur, I'm also incredibly fussy and I want to SEE IT FLUFFY and SHINY. So I made the decision today to invest in bloody fucking expensive cat food. I'm glad no one uses the old-fashioned cash registers anymore. The ka-ching! sound would make me nauseous. Silent transactions are the easiest to practice denial on.


Tym said...

Define "bloody fucking expensive cat food". Ink eats Felidae, which is good and not that expensive, and he has a really nice coat (IMO, anyway).

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