Sunday, April 08, 2007

Long weekends never go as planned. Generally there's a lot more sleeping and slacking than desired. My body's capacity for sleep sometimes surprises even myself. Figure this - Waking at noon, lunch, falling asleep at two and then waking up at six. Repeat.

It was a fairly domestic weekend. The parents are off for Qing Ming in Malaysia, and there were cats to be fed and laundry to be done. Previous long weekends typically involved a lot more exploitation of time which means staying out late and drinking a lot. But with hungry cats waiting at home, there was no such desire or opportunity to do so anymore.

And I do enjoy this routine. I figure if I become jobless I'd probably revel in such domesticity.

Had another bike lesson though, which went much better than the first. I didn't fall down or buckle under the weight of the bike (which I routinely see happen to other girls present) although there were a number of close shaves. I will not give men that satisfaction.

But the driving centre is an interesting place and a world of its own. Unlike the rest of yellow-boxed Singapore, people lit up almost everywhere except inside the building itself. It felt as if I was in another country. The instructors too, had an unusally wry sense of humour. They were very patient and seemed genuinely helpful. You'd figure dealing with young punks all day would make them crabby.

But I did get onto the outer circuit and went all the way up to fourth gear. And yes, it felt just wonderful.

Back to work tomorrow. I guess there are only some routines I enjoy.


gopi said...

another talk over cheap beer soon?