Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ok indulge me as I relay this little tale of how I indulged in the sin of ultimate girlishness by squealing and running down stairs to try and catch up with Alina (see photo of beautiful girl below) when I realised she had stopped by for casting not knowing it was my office.

I am so fond of those girls. I like them because they are nice. And sincere. And just generally very pleasant human beings to be around.

Of course, if I were to be perfectly, painfully, bluntly honest with myself, I like them because they like me - and that's the shallow and highly pleasurable feeling of illusory self-validation you get when a couple of beautiful women treat you as an equal. Are these bastions of glamour not ashamed to be seen walking down the street with someone who obviously missed out on Fashion 101? Surely I must be doing something right!

Ministerial pay hikes. Discussed to death and I still have no opinion on it, other than obvious emotional responses. But I calculated: It'll cost Singapore's 4.4 million people S$0.70 cents each a year to pay our Prime Minister.