Monday, April 16, 2007


Taking a midday break (is it just me or is the fucking weather fucking annoying) and I surfed on over to the Miss Singapore Universe 2007 site to take a look at our bevy of beauties. Even my mom, who has a PhD in SeeingTheBestOfPeople couldn't help but wrinkle up her face in horror when she watched them on TV.

It was funny, that Miss Christabel 'We Are Blessed to Bless' Campbell said she wanted to be a journalist to, "report on the kind of news that interests me most". Yeah, you, and every journalism-inclined person I know.

And if I have to listen to Peggy Chang tell us how we should "Leave as if you'll die today" I really just might.

My colleague said that procrastination is a manifestation of insecurity. I think he's so smart its irritating.


Nick said...

AYY! EASY on those chicks!! hahaha... yeah but seriously man... that peggy fella seriously needs some speech lessons heh