Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bumper Crop

Sometimes things get done when you don't think. Which explains my highly developed procrastination abilities since I think too much. Things also get done when you have a good double-espresso.

Few tasks suck me in so completely as dealing with pics. Finally uploaded my stuff dating from Feb, all done for Lexean. I'm posting them as part of a portfolio and in the name of fair use. Copyright still remains with them, though. Not all the pics were used in the magazine, but this is my own personal selection.

Click on the photos to be directed to the sets on Flickr.

Issue 2 : Beautiful Strangers


Issue 3 : Singapore Insomnia

McDonalds at Admiralty

There's another set I'm not posting here because it's not been published.

So generally I'm not satisfied with anything that I've done. The flaws are too obvious. I need more constructive criticism, but I'm just very glad for a chance to learn from mistakes. I'm not kidding when I tell you all these pics are accurately reflect the way I think. No direction, no instructions. So it was just me and my haphazardness. Which explains why some photos will make people frown and struggle for kind words.

But it's ok guys, I like to believe that I'm my own harshest critic and ego maintainer - all rolled in one.