Saturday, January 19, 2008



I still have time to take my twice-daily baths though. Good news all round, then.

I bathed in the river in Bandarbans when I visited. Well it wasn't so much a bath than a quick soak sans soap. It was effing cold, and I think I inadvertently flashed myself a couple of times due to my inexperience in handling a tami (sarong). But it felt good.

Arjun swam to the other side of the river and got up on the rocks under the river cliff and predictably proceeded to show off some diving thingamajig. I, predictably, wanted to wade out as well to the deep edge ("I CAN SWIM"), and he predictably told me to stay put. I (predictably) did not listen, and held on to my sarong as tight as I could and tried to walk with all this cloth wrapped around my legs.

Did not predict that A. knew what he was talking about and the current proceeded to sweep me off my feet, and if the water wasn't so shallow I probably would've gone downstream - naked.

I blame the cloth. Nosso streamlined in design.