Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nothing Ado

Yesterday I tried my best to find a copy of Infernal Affairs. God knows I shouldn't indulge the guys' alpha-male-gangster-bang-bang-hero-honour-brother-brother tendencies (and god knows they really don't need any help in that area), but I personally just want to look at Tony Leung's miserable and tortured face.

They may have all the obscure art flicks, but apparently the only East-Asian thing they stock here is Kurosawa and a whole lotta Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

Have also been trying my best to find a nice 2008 diary that doesn't have the same thickness as some Tolstoy novel. Seems to be an impossible task. Goddamn that MUJI doesn't ship to Bangladesh.

I also know that I need to find that diary soon, because my procrastination indulges itself by being a strong believer in chronology - Diary First, Deeds Next. And so! I will find that damn thing today.