Monday, January 14, 2008

Sick, Sicker, Sickest

I've had to visit the hospital five times since I arrived in the country. That's probably more than the number of hospital-encounters I've had in Singapore, (delivery of babies DO NOT COUNT).

These are the various reason. Two are mine, guess which?

1. Fucked Up Ankle (duh)
2. Stomach Flu
3. Fucked Up Back (Sorry T.)
4. Congested Lung
5. Non-stop Vomitting (still waiting for blood tests)

The hospitals are fine if you can fork out the money, but even the nicer ones are plagued by total inefficiency and staffed with a flock of very confused staff. (Ha.)

The not so nice ones put the reception area on the fifth floor, make you run out to a nearby pharmacy to buy your own bandages, make you hobble on a bad ankle to another clinic to get an X-Ray done, make you pay first before you get your blood test results back, give you a gas mask that looks like its from WW2 and the last guy who used it died because of all the mucus that was in his mouth/nose.

So there.

I have two sick boys to tend to. I am busy.