Saturday, February 02, 2008


Ashura came and left and I haven't had the time to edit anything other than the one above. The whole fire breathing thing got quite tiring after a while because it was basically just guys spitting into the fire, and few could do it with the finesse it requires. Plus was tired of getting the kerosene+spit mix over me and my camera. I'm not smart, but I am pretty sure it would suck to burst into flames.

Had a couple of hands grabbing and groping when the crowd got too packed. These cowards only come out when they know its difficult for you to figure out which one of the 10 guys surrounding you grabbed your ass. I didn't care. I looked one in the eye and contemplated bashing his face in with my camera, but I didn't care enough to do it. It always happens in such festivals and only in huge crowds, and never anywhere else.

Some of the Australian girls had it worse in the crowds, and even those seasoned and older were rather shaken after the experience. At least no one tried to rip my shirt open and put their hands down my pants.

The thing that usually happens is that I always find a young and eager local who's more than willing to act as my guide and protector. Most of the people take care of me anyway, always pushing me to the front of crowds so I can have the best view to shoot. Everyone wants to be in the picture. My camera opens up some pathways even as it closes others. I'm not worried.



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