Monday, February 04, 2008

Like Robert Capa, Only No One Died


Would like to credit the author of the quote above - but I can't. Well, I can. But I won't.

Am pretty exhausted today after a particular event the day before that involved me spring cleaning the house (just in time too) TWICE. I'm just glad its over.

Had a tour of the new campus today. Just a stone's throw down the road, but very new and very spacious and smells of paint. Classes start tomorrow. Should rightly be in panic mode, but I suppose that'll set in later.

There are six books on my desk - none of which I've read before. I am effed.

The collaboration between my the two institutions I work for was briefly mentioned in the meeting today. Everything sounds very promising and exciting, and given a couple of years there's just so much we can do together. There are a lot of things I've realised I've missed (such as reading thick books about stuff I forget about a year later) and I just sat there and wondered how I landed in academia.

I always take on too much on my plate - and I've always assumed I like things this way. Mixed and varied and stretching myself all over the place. But for the first time today, I thought of dropping everything else and giving myself fully to this one thing. I feel frustrated I can't spend all of my resources on this, its something I thoroughly enjoy, even if I don't have the results to show for it. For once I would like to be able to spend an entire day reading and researching.

Ah well. Just goes to show Jess really doesn't know what she wants, does she?