Monday, March 10, 2008


Too much drama on the domestic front - surprisingly and thankfully not a result of my actions, but unfortunately involving me (to a certain degree) as well.

So while the whirlpool continues to swirl in my abode, I've been thinking about my attitudes towards confrontation. Because I'd always assumed I was more than happy to go about looking for a fight, but recent events have revealed that I am inclined to retreat and ignore. The father (aka lao pei) will not believe this, but it's true. However, it is probably due to two factors:

1. I have no energy to engage in a shouting match and
2. I have no time to engage in a shouting match.

So I guess I'm only an asshole if I've got the energy and time on my hands.

I've said this to a friend, in response to incredulous tales of deceit and deception, blackmail and conspiracies between people here. They've all either been watching way too many soap operas or, (the very likely reason) have too much time to waste.

Like what we say, "Wah, damn free hor?"

Or, "Wah, si bei wu zeng tiam hor?"

Or, "Wah, nothing better to do issit?"

Or, "你很无聊 leh."

Chinese language indulgence a result of recent fantasies of going to Shenyang for photo exhibition. Nevaa gonna happen.


Sample of email from home:


In Spore we have the great escape of our most wanted JI prisoner MAS SELAMAT from our "HIGH SECURITY PRISON" News paper reports say that he escaped through the toilet. What a joke.This is the thirteenth day since his escape and police believed he is still in Spore. Very soon stalls will be selling T shirts with MAT SELAMAT'S FACE and with the wordind TOILET BREAK instead of PRISON BREAK.