Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yesterday I wore an off-shoulder top - something purchased from Mango more than half a year ago, but somehow I never got around to wearing it even in Singapore.

In office, a middle-aged woman squealed as she caught sight of my bare shoulder, and proceeded to helpfully help me correct my mistake.

I was peeved, if only because it was another female that had done it. My boobs were dutifully covered with the shawl, the shirt was loose enough to hide my ass, and the sleeves were down to my elbows. I suppose, here, even a little is too much.

I have an 8,000 word article to edit, and a ceiling full of dustwebs to clear, four pairs of pants that has to be handwashed, a mid-term paper to set and about 300 photos that need metadata and captions.

But first, to savour that speech Obama made two days ago. I'm off.