Thursday, May 29, 2008

Its not even 10 pm and I'm already slightly drunk.

This is not good folks. I usually refrain from writing anything when I'm under the influence, because I tend to spout rubbish and end up having long debates with myself the next day about my principles regarding deleting already-posted blog content.

Finally watched Juno. Which reminds me, that I was supposed to get my hands on the SATC movie today. Totally forgot. Juno's not as great as everyone made it out to be - I much prefer Ellen Page in Hard Candy, which I really loved. And it almost seemed that Ellen was playing the exact same character. She has that odd immature sensibility about her that she can't shake off.

I did come across a photo of Boyzone posing almost naked except for not-so-discreetly-placed top hats.

I feel like I've been back for months, and its only been a week. This is not going to work out, dudes. And I refer to, oh, everything.

I found out that a person I used to know recently became a father. And a completely unfair statement came to my head, "Did he feel like he had to do this?" Because I've heard, on more than one occasion, people saying things like: "I have to get married next year." and "I've got to find a wife."

Statements were uttered in Singapore. If uttered here - I wouldn't even blink. A friend here is getting married at the end of the year. He's 26, and he said that he just wanted to settle down. I scoffed at this, until he explain what he was looking for in a marraige, and I had to hold back bitter, bitter tears because if such guys exist, then it means karma isn't through with me yet because she's keeping them all away from me.

Which makes me feel very strange, contradictory feelings -- because on the one hand, I'm not too keen about being tied down when making my life's decisions, and trust me I have had to give this some thought some time back, but on the other hand, yes yes I do want all that bullshit with that cherry on top.

And then that scene in Juno, when she looks at her father with that look, and asks him if its possible for two people to love each other forever, I just couldn't stand it. And I was thinking, yeah, let's see how he answers this one.

UPDATE!!! It's 11.30pm and I am fully drunk. As in, really, completely, bona fide drunk. Ask me questions! I'll answer 'em all!