Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So the computer apparently crashed and all the work I had done yesterday was for naught. The work involves tedious, tiny, little subbing changes made to over 50 pages of a magazine that I thought I would be able to wrap up today. And no, we did not keep the previous copies where we had marked out the changes.

Plus my previous blog post disappeared amidst some internet hullabaloo.

And I have a mud streak across my new skirt, and ripped a hole in it too.

And today is the fourth day in a row that I had to cook dinner for myself at midnight. Do you know how difficult and irritating it is to have to cook quietly so as to not wake up the roommate sleeping in the living room? When you're tired, you're really not in the mood to tip-toe around. And metal pots and pans make clanging noises - that's their nature, that's what they do.

And I realised the guy I was semi-flirting with has a paunch. I don't mind paunches - but only if you're older than me.

By the way, I realised I lost 5 kg when I finally weighed myself in Singapore. Want to lose weight? Eat one meal a day.

All things considered, this wouldn't be a very good day for me. But Smirnoff is hard at work and making it a lot better.

But I did discover there is such a thing as a jigsaw puzzle development manager. I haven't thought of jigsaw puzzles in a long time.

I'm not really very bummed out, it all just sounds worse than it really is.