Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bill Gate's 'leaving' video. Its rather awesome. As much as I love Jon Stewart, I thought George Clooney's bit was the best.

Couldn't sleep last night due to recurring, semi-lucid discomfy dreams. Was constantly half-awake, and the dreams were about me being not being able to sleep, tossing and turning and working on some layout on my laptop, trying to get it done so I could get it out of my head and go to sleep.

I tried several things, washing my face, walking around, drinking some orange juice, but everytime I closed my eyes I just kept seeing those grids. My mind was working overtime. Then I eventually slept and had dreams that were not about work - but about sulphur powder, me trying to give someone my Singaporean number, drink coupons, taking the MRT and a faucet that shot out powerbeams into people's eyes.

So I compensated this morning with an extra teaspoon of coffee, which turned out to be too much coffee, and resulted in a terrible, scattered and unfocused class because I couldn't control my speech and my own train of thoughts. Even now, as I type, my hands are trembling.

This also means that its unlikely I'll get any work done today, because I just can't think straight. Frustrating this is!

There is one heck of a cumulonimbus cloud over my part of the city now, which means I may be stuck here for a while if the winds don't come and blow the rain clouds away.