Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I have a rather large burn mark on the top of my hand that's turning into a nice purplish-blue colour. I have no idea what to put on burns - I remember reading that nothing was better than something, but I could've skipped a chapter or two during first aid in home ecs class. Besides, who really has the mood to think of home remedies when you wake up to check email and read one that just shows signs of unintelligent life on this planet? Anyway, the burn is caused by me dropping the iron on my hand (I KNOW), and if it turns out the way the other two iron-caused burns on my calf and knee (ironing without an ironing board can be tricky) then I am in for an ugly-ass scar that can't be hidden under clothes. Well, maybe gloves. All in all, a fantastic addition to an already sucky morning that couldn't get any worse.

Oh I'm so going to regret those last five words.


Michael McClung said...

Butter and honey are both good at reducing scarring. And attracting insects, but hey.