Monday, June 16, 2008

More on Mom

Slight digression first: I watched a couple of the Indiana Jones movies. Were there only three? Ok, then I watched them all. Wow. Spielberg's really good at milking exoticism, isn't he? Dude, you were rather offensive. That scene in Temple of Doom, when they started serving the snakes and beetles - oh come on.

So, I was rather surprised by the comments on the previous post - you mean all this time, I wasn't talking to myself? I feel so self-aware now. Joke.

Anyway, spoke to my mother and found out a bit more about the situation that I wrote about previously.

It turns out that my mother worked at this place for 11 years, only to get retrenched when there was a merger. She then went on to work at the Cadbury factory in Jurong - how did I forget about this? I do recall her mentioning this, but it had slipped my mind completely. How strange it is that I used to stand at the platform at the MRT station complaining about that weird chocolaty smell without remembering that my mother used to work there.

Her return there is making her nervous: "I'll be working with all these young punks." - referring to the poly graduates that are usually hired for this position. She's also worried about her close relationship with her ex-colleague and now boss - who wanted to hire her without any hesitation whatsoever. Nobody wants to be accused of having "pulled strings".

They had met up again at the wake of a former colleauge - my mother had seen the notice in the newspapers and it happened to be near our house, and, being the woman she is, she went to pay her respects to a friend that she remembered.

She told me, how strange it was to be reunited with all these friends again under the most unlikely of circumstances. But there was no mistaking the happiness in her voice when she told me about this.

So she had worked there for more than a decade. These folks had celebrated her 21st birthday with her - of which I had seen the pictures, and even tried on the green dress she had tailored for that event (not my style, unfortunately) held in the kampong in Punggol. I wasn't there, but I bet she had a helluva time.

But to my brother, who commented that she "didn't agonize about what she coulda-shoulda done with her life" - how do you know this? I'm not saying you're wrong, and I really hope you're right, and this is an assertion best left unexplored (by her children, especially).

Alright, I best get to sleep.

Addition: A bit slow on the catching up, but WAH LAU did you read my brother's old entry on Valentine's Day? My brother SCORE.