Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What, oh what?

I told my friend here a couple of days ago, one of the fellow mid-20s people who suddenly feel lost after having being so sure about everything before, that I couldn't hear my "inner dialogue" anymore.

The inner dialogue, as some of my other friends would say, those who have gotten over the feeling of being lost, is akin to "thinking too much".

"Goddamit just stop thinking so much about life and just go and live it."

I tend to agree with them, but I found it impossible to silence that voice in my head. That voice that always thought too far ahead, reconsiders past actions, questions decisions - well, basically keeping myself in check anyway.

And well, I can't hear that voice anymore. Right or wrong, left or right - I used to know this because the voice would tell me (regardless of whether or not I listened to it). I haven't heard it in a while, and I quite miss it.

So when I told this to my friend, her face lit up because she thought it summed up how she was feeling as well.

I'm sure it'll be back in no time, casting doubts over everything and making me feel bad about myself all over again, but oh boy, I sure do miss it.


NunBun said...

Guess what!! I can't hear my voice too. I thought it was dead... but I'm trying to bring it back to life again...

飞行者 said...

I'm forever being made to feel that I think way too much :(, I wish I could have the inner voice shut up for a while and stop giving me unpleasant thoughts.