Sunday, July 27, 2008

And then the Earth moved

Ragini and I were talking on the sofa when the floor started to sway beneath us. In the distance, the crows started cawing in unison as they took off from their perches.

We grabbed each other and as our eyes widened, which just reaffirmed that neither of us was hallucinating. Wouldn't have been that inconceivable -- one sat through a six-hour long meeting and the other just got off a 15-hour bus ride.

But nope, Dhaka had its very own earthquake.

I'll read up on the details in the morning. impressed me with a short article half an hour after the tremors.

I had put on my long pants, grabbed my camera and instinctively just wanted to get the fuck out of anything that could collaspe on me. Apparently I overreacted. Kirsty emerged from her room, tousled and sleepy, and while we talked I realised that was probably the end of it so I put the camera down and we chatted.

Of course, and I should have mentioned this earlier, the quake was extremely short-lived and mild. Probably not enough to get the water-swishing-in-the-fish-tank shot that we always see on CNA after Singapore experiences tiny tremors.

I'd take a guess and say we were probably just felt the aftershocks following the two earthquakes that hit Andaman islands (6.1 Sat evening, 6.7 Friday).

My embarrassing, exaggerated reaction is an Aceh hangover, because everyone there took any forms of earth-movement rather seriously. Every tiny tremor was a reminder of what the earth could do and have done.

Anyway, had a marathon meeting that lasted waaaay too long, although it didn't really feel like it. Shall not elaborate since I've ranted enough in the earlier post.

Sarah! I dreamt of you last night. We were having dinner, and you said a really strange thing to me. I had wanted to write it down in the morning, but forgot, so now I've totally forgotten what the sentence was. It was suitably quirky. You would've been proud.

And I visited Mirpur Zoo yesterday. Spent most of the time being pissed off, wishing the tigers and lions would escape from the cages and kill all members of the zoo's management team. Yelled at a zookeeper that kept throwing sticks at a giraffe that tried its best to inch closer and closer to the bunch of fresh leaves they were arranging. It was ridiculous. An elderly man throwing sticks at a giraffe three times his height, even after the giraffe had backed away. Just trample him. I wished in silence.

I miss Singapore's zoo.