Sunday, July 06, 2008

I hadn't intended to blog, seeing how its already 4 am, and I intend to wake up earlier (than usual) to get work done in the office. But then I was reading lyrics on an old blog entry on my old Xanga site just as iTunes started playing the exact same song -- such things don't happen often and they deserved to be recorded!

And I know I've said this before, so just bear with me as I say this again -- I can barely remember writing the things I wrote from four years ago. All those things I said, events that I recounted, why can't I remember these things?

I seem to have been a lot more lucid then, in the sense that I was making all these assertions and opinions (rightly or wrongly) with such certainty it is almost embarrassing. There are a lot of things I wrote back then that I wish I could retract, things I certainly wouldn't write about now. Still, I must admit I do miss that blind, arrogant confidence that I wrote with.

The old blog did remind me about Mark Ryden, an artist whose work I used to admire but I had forgotten about him after it seemed like he wasn't producing anything new.

Well, he did!

Mark Ryden's The Tree Show